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  • Gebbie M.A.; Smith A.M.; Dobbs H.A.; Lee A.A.; Warr G.G.; Banquy X.; Valtiner M.; Rutland M.W.; Israelachvili J.N.; Perkin S.; Atkin R.
    Long range electrostatic forces in ionic liquids
    Chem. Commun., 2017, 53, 1214-1224                **  ISI Highly Cited Paper  **








  • Britton, J.; Cousens, N. E. A.; Coles, S. W.; Van Engers C.D.; Babenko, V.; Murdock, A. T.; Koos A.; Perkin S.; Grobert, N.
    A Graphene Surface Force Balance.
    Langmuir 201430, 11485-11492.