** One DPhil position is available, starting date January 2019 or October 2019. Contact SP by email in the first instance **

Enquiries are welcomed from prospective students, Post-Doctoral Researchers, and Research Fellows.

Scholarships and funding are occasionally available, and we are also able to advise on applications to external Scholarships and Fellowships. Some information on graduate funding is available here .

Open positions are always advertised on the Department of Chemistry jobs page, as well as externally.

An AFM image from a previous Part II Project

We welcome applications for Part II, and will offer 1-2 places each year. There are a wide variety of projects available and you are encouraged to visit the group to learn more about the science we do, and how we work, before you apply.

Projects vary in their balance between experiment and theory; most projects are strongly experimental with some theory or modelling component.  

Students are often given the opportunity to attend conferences; a fantastic way to see how cutting edge science is disseminated and discussed, and to hear about the most recent developments in your area from all over the world.

Part II students in our group are given full independence and responsibility for a “real” project right from the start. Students generally find this both exhilarating and scary, so a senior DPhil or post-doc adviser is always on hand for day-to-day advice.

We are a small and supportive research group, with weekly group meetings and (at least) weekly contact with your supervisor.

If you’re interested in joining the group then feel free to contact Susan for a discussion.