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We study how liquids interact with solid surfaces and how they behave in nano-scale films or pores. The aim is to solve problems and generate greater understanding relevant to a range of applications including energy storage, lubrication, adhesion, and nanomaterials.

Susan Perkin

Associate Professor of Physical Chemistry

& Fellow of Trinity College, University of Oxford





Green FringesA photo of the mica cleaving photo.A catoon of a confine ionic liquidAn example of an SFB friction loop for a thin solid like film

      Force Measurement         Graphene Surface Forces        Electrolytes in Nano-Confinement        Friction Mechanisms

October 2016- Susan has been awarded a 2016 Philip Leverhulme Prize. The prize, which consists of £100,000 to advance the research of the winner, recognises outstanding researchers whose work has already attracted international recognition and whose future career is exceptionally promising.

October 2016- The Surface Forces Research Lab is happy to welcome three new post-doctoral researchers - Dr Carla Perez Martinez (from MIT), Dr Romain Lhermerout (from ENS, Paris), and Marco Balabajew (from Marburg, Germany) - and Sijie Liu and James Zhou as Part II students.

September 2016- We hosted an international workshop on Reversible Control of Surface Interactions here in Oxford as part of a European network on nano-friction (COST Action MP1303).

August 2016- Susan gave an invited lecture at the JCP Future of Chemical Physics conference: Ionic liquids: a challenge to our understanding of the liquid state

May 2016- In collaboration with Alpha Lee (Harvard University) we have published experimental evidence that the electrostatic screening length in concentrated electrolytes increases with concentration.

May 2016- Susan has been awarded the Royal Society of Chemistry's Harrison-Meldola prize for the most meritorious and promising original investigations in chemistry

December 2015- We explain the interaction of Lithium ions with negative surfaces in ionic liquid solvent in a recent paper in J Phys Chem Letters

November 2015- Susan has been awarded an ERC Starting Grant in the 2015 round. The grant will provide €1.5M over 5 years for a programme of work with the aim of discovering new ways to control friction and adhesion.

1st October 2015- Susan gave a lecture on The Atomic Model at the Museum of the History of Science as part of the Harry Moseley exhibition

July 2015- We are delighted to welcome Dr Bruno Zappone (University of Calabria) as Academic Visitor funded by COST Action MP1303

June 2015- Susan presented our work on Quantized Friction at the European COST workshop on nanoscale friction in Istanbul.

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Recent Publications

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