Susan Perkin

Professor of Physical Chemistry  & Fellow of Trinity College, University of Oxford.

Physical & Theoretical Chemistry Laboratory

South Parks Road

Oxford, OX1 3QZ, UK


We study how liquids interact with solid surfaces and how they behave in nano-scale films or pores. Of particular interest are liquids with a high ion density: concentrated electrolytes and ionic liquids. The aim is to solve problems and generate greater understanding relevant to a range of applications including energy storage, lubrication, adhesion, and nanomaterials.











Recent Publications

Perez-Martinez, C. and Perkin, S.
Interfacial Structure and Boundary Lubrication of a Dicationic Ionic Liquid​
Langmuir 2019xx, (Special Issue in memory of Jacob N. Israelachvili)

Zheng, W., Perez-Martinez, C.S., Petriaschvili, Perkin, S., Zappone, B.
Direct measurements of structural forces and twist transitions in cholesteric liquid crystal films with a surface force apparatus
Soft Matter  2019, 15, 4905-4914  

Perez-Martinez, C. and Perkin, S.
Surface forces generated by the action of electric fields across liquid films
Soft Matter (Invited Cover Article)  201915, 4255-4265 

Lhermerout, R., Diederichs, C., Sinha, S., Porfyrakis, K., Perkin, S.
Are Buckminsterfullerenes Molecular Ball Bearings?
Journal of Physical Chemistry B  2019, 123, 310-316 

van Engers, C. D., Balabajew, M., Southam, A., Perkin, S.
A 3-mirror surface force balance for the investigation of fluids confined to nanoscale films between two ultra-smooth polarizable electrodes
Review of Scientific Instruments  2018, 89, 123901 

Zappone, B., Zheng, W., Perkin, S.
Multiple-beam optical interferometry of anisotropic soft materials nanoconfined with the surface force apparatus
Review of Scientific Instruments  2018, 89, 085112

Perkin, S., Kirchner, B., Fayer, M. D.
Preface: Special Topic on Chemical Physics of Ionic Liquids
Journal of Chemical Physics  2018, 148, 193501 

Alves de Freitas, A., Shimizu, K., Smith, A.M., Perkin, S., Canongia Lopes, J-N.
Structure and dynamics of mica-confined films of [C10C1Pyrr][NTf2] ionic liquid
Journal of Chemical Physics  2018, 148, 193808

Lhermerout, R. and Perkin, S.
Nanoconfined ionic liquids: Disentangling electrostatic and viscous forces
Phys. Rev. Fluids 2018, 3, 014201

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