Susan Perkin

Associate Professor of Physical Chemistry and Fellow of Trinity College, University of Oxford.

Physical & Theoretical Chemistry Laboratory

South Parks Road

Oxford, OX1 3QZ, UK


We study how liquids interact with solid surfaces and how they behave in nano-scale films or pores. Of particular interest are liquids with a high ion density: concentrated electrolytes and ionic liquids. The aim is to solve problems and generate greater understanding relevant to a range of applications including energy storage, lubrication, adhesion, and nanomaterials.












Recent Publications

Perez-Martinez, C. and Perkin, S.
Surface forces generated by the action of electric fields across liquid films
Soft Matter (Invited Cover Article)  2019

Lhermerout, R., Diederichs, C., Sinha, S., Porfyrakis, K., Perkin, S.
Are Buckminsterfullerenes Molecular Ball Bearings?
Journal of Physical Chemistry B  2019, 123, 310-316 

van Engers, C. D., Balabajew, M., Southam, A., Perkin, S.
A 3-mirror surface force balance for the investigation of fluids confined to nanoscale films between two ultra-smooth polarizable electrodes
Review of Scientific Instruments  2018, 89, 123901 

Zappone, B., Zheng, W., Perkin, S.
Multiple-beam optical interferometry of anisotropic soft materials nanoconfined with the surface force apparatus
Review of Scientific Instruments  2018, 89, 085112

Perkin, S., Kirchner, B., Fayer, M. D.
Preface: Special Topic on Chemical Physics of Ionic Liquids
Journal of Chemical Physics  2018, 148, 193501 

Alves de Freitas, A., Shimizu, K., Smith, A.M., Perkin, S., Canongia Lopes, J-N.
Structure and dynamics of mica-confined films of [C10C1Pyrr][NTf2] ionic liquid
Journal of Chemical Physics  2018, 148, 193808

Lhermerout, R. and Perkin, S.
Nanoconfined ionic liquids: Disentangling electrostatic and viscous forces
Phys. Rev. Fluids 2018, 3, 014201

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